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Tell me about any ghosts you hav seen


I have lost my mind.

woe is me

The new floor is in the kitchen. All the wallpaper is in. One room to be papered. the new wood florr is set to be installed the day after Labor day. Back door is ordered and the cabinets are to be delivered the week after the floors are done. Now if I can convince the company that is repairing the house to do some work I might have the house in order by October 1st.

I want to paint trim but I am undesided on colour. Any suggestions?

drought in the south but not in my house

how much stuff can you cram in the corner?
been away for a while. broken water pipe in the kitchen pantry flooded the whole first floor.


Thistles in bloom along with Butterfly Weed, Iron Weed, Joepie Weed and Touchme Knots are among my favorite flowers.

lilies waiting for the sun

I found these Tiger Lilies in a ditch near my home. My great grandmother called them railroad lilies. The fog was not right this morning.

I am

I found the moon.


Just another morning drive home.

Clear Vision

Be Good Tanyas LEAF 07 spring